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Welcome to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Famous for its easy going charm and cultural tradition, Dublin is also the capital of The Cain (pronounce 'crack'), the art of life. Famous Dublin sons such as writers Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Jonathan Swift had it, playwright Samuel Beckett had it, and so have more current cultural ambassadors such as U2. The city is saturated with rich history, beginning with the Vikings laying its first roads. Through the centuries, The Cain and an unruly artistic streak have helped shape Dublin into what it is now: A vibrant capital that moves at an easy going pace
Dublin's Location
Dublin is situated on the East Coast of Ireland, extending along the Irish Sea in a half moon shape. The city is bounded to the South by the affected Wick low Mountains From the offensive of the Vikings in the 8th Century through 700 years of Norman living, English rule and the formation of the Republic of Ireland in the 1920’s, the city of Dublin has had a rich and varied history. Evidence of this can be found in every corner of the city. From a cultural point of view, that means plenty for visitors to see, from historic sites and landmarks to famous tributes and thought-provoking museums
Foreign Embassies in Dublin 
As the capital of Ireland, Dublin has a large number of foreign embassies present a wide range of services to travelers. At the latest count, At the most recent check, Dublin had a sum of 53 government offices. Here you will find a list of all countries which conserve an embassy in Dublin as well as the embassies' address details and phone numbers

The Outskirts
The Dub-liners As a city, Dublin's character is solidly molded by its kin. Dub-liners are a well-disposed and somewhat curious part. Rarely will you venture into a pub without somebody standing near you striking up a conversation. If you ever find yourself lost, ask somebody and more than likely you'll be greeted with a little friendly chat. Dubliners are also known for their sharp wit and deadpan humor. Any bookshop in Ireland will sell you books of 'Dublin Humor'.
Wander South along Dublin Bay and you will go to some of Dublin's most pleasant spots. The scenery changes rapidly from flat sandy beaches to rocky cliffs and coves harboring picture perfect seaside towns and harbors. Sandy cove, Daley and Kelley have insisted an old world charm. On a sunny day, you can even find an almost Mediterranean atmosphere here. To the North of Dublin you find Howdah, a major fishing harbor and Melanie, a quaint seaside town with a park and romantic 19th century castle.

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